Meet the new Duracar

Your zero-emission logistics solution.

Built to be the ultimate Light Electric Vehicle for last-mile logistiscs
in urban zero-emission zones.

150 km
85 km/h
loading space
4-6 m3
loading capacity
1000 kg
Your business.
Your needs.
Same car.

In the race to zero emission,
business continuity is key

Duracar is the ultimate solution for a wide variety of applications.

We go the Driver's Way

Our road to becoming the driver's favourite LEV.

Perfect visibility

A perfect view, no matter the weather conditions. Situational awareness and confidence in driving all over. That’s the experience driving a Duracar.

  • Feeling of all-around openness
  • Perfect view in any weather condition
  • No foggy windows
  • Wide truck mirrors that eliminate blind spots

We go the Driver's Way

Our road to becoming the driver's favourite LEV.

Optimal safety

It's all in the name. The Duracar is built like a car, with a familiar steering and a frame designed to provide strength, stability and safety. You feel safe driving a Duracar. Period.

  • Excellent handling due to low center of gravity
  • Great manoeuvrability and ease of parking
  • Perfect balance, even in strong winds
  • Comfortable driving along freight traffic

We go the Driver's Way

Our road to becoming the driver's favourite LEV.

Great comfort

Every driver can sit comfortably in a Duracar. Our spacious interior, adjustable seat and double panelled isolation make driving and hopping in and out the cabin simply a breeze.

  • Fully adjustable positioning of seat and steering wheel
  • Easy accessible cabin for quick in’s and out’s
  • Spacious interior with plenty of storage possibilities
  • Double panelled cabin isolation

We go the Driver's Way

Our road to becoming the driver's favourite LEV.

Simple Convenience

Waking up with a smile knowing that you are going to set foot in a Duracar. That is the feeling we strive for. So we installed everything you need to enjoy the ride and keep the business running.

  • 7" tablet screen to display all essential information
  • First aid kit, coat hangers and cup holders
  • High quality bluetooth speakers to stream your favourite music
  • Great connectivity and charging possibilities for mobile devices

Changing the world is a joint effort

We're always open for new partnerships that accelerate our mission
to make inner-cities green, healty and safe.

The future of the last mile ecosystem


In the future we see smart microhub networks emerging within the urban area boundaries.

  • Delivery hubs for shifting freight transport to zero-emission vehicles
  • Micro-fulfillment centres
  • Automated pick-up points for the end consumer

The future of the last mile ecosystem

Zero emission

A city-center will be a zero-emission zone in the near future. In the Netherlands alone, the 40 biggest cities have agreed upon the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics, committing to be emission-free in 2030.

The future of the last mile ecosystem

Charging infrastructure

More and more charging stations will appear in and around city centers. The city of Amsterdam alone expects 40.000 charging moments per day in 2030, 90% coming from delivery vehicles. This asks for a rapid change of the charging infrastructure in urban areas.

The future of the last mile ecosystem

Green cities

City centers will become healthy and sustainable environments. Streets transform into parks and buildings into vertical forests. No more pollution, no more noise.

People are riding bikes, birds are singing and children are playing. That’s the bright and green future of inner-cities we have ahead of us.

The future of the last mile ecosystem

Fast delivery

Same-day and instant delivery are becoming the norm. So don’t be surprised to see your package in the near future being delivered a few minutes after your digital purchase.

The future of the last mile ecosystem

Joint effort

Changing the last-mile ecosystem is a joint effort. So in the near future, Duracar won’t be delivering on its own in clean and green inner-cities.

We believe in cooperation to accelerate the sustainable transition. Together we will make inner-cities a better and greener place.


Brand-new LEV concept ‘Duracar’ set to debut at upcoming IAA 2022 in Hannover.

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